Aquatech Synergy Pvt Ltd (ASPL), is a premium segment company that is to offer a positive solution towards the water shortage faced by the country. ASPL provides complete solutions for Rainwater harvesting / water conservation, and water treatments plants. We offer complete range of RWH & WTP products and services right from conceptualization to completion. With a rich engineering background and vast market experience, our systems are designed to save energy, conserve water, reduce noise or otherwise contribute to a more environmentally responsible system

Aquatech Synergy Pvt Ltd (ASPL) is the first company dealing with RO system that is known for its quality management system and product design, manufacturing, installation and after sales service of commercial & industrial water treatment plants and domestic RO water purifier. The purpose of ASPL is to create awareness about benefits of Water conservation & RO water for human and industrial use.
  • We are a group of qualified & competent professionals and have executed more than 150 projects in Thane, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Panvel, Kalyan, Pune & Nashik .
  • We strongly believe that by integrating Govt. agencies, NGO's and citizens' efforts, effective & efficient RWH systems & conservation measures can be implemented and maintained

Need Assignment

The water scarcity has been a problem that is bothering India for quite some time now and there have been very few options for mitigating the problem effectively. Most of the cities and town of India are currently facing a severe water crisis. The problems for the same have been identified as irregular rainfall and the poor water management. A major problem has also been that of the leakage while the water is transported.

As per estimates only 20 - 25% of the water we get is used for drinking, cooking etc. The remaining is used for cleaning, bathing, washing and flushing the toilet. That means about 80% of potable water goes down the drain and ends up as waste water. As the population and the density in the cities increases, the gap between the demand and supply has kept on growing continuously and there has been very few solutions to the problem